19 Feb 2018 | Works

Been a while since I’ve written a post. I apologise for the absence, but it was a period of changes. I moved; I graduated; I started a master’s degree and “I literally changed my life”.  It was a busy and intensive time that changed me. Some people say that “the only constant in life is change” so.. let’s start stronger than before. In Milan my routine is always the same. I woke up, while my roomies are still sleeping. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who have classes every day at 8:45. I put my books in the bag; I drink a coffee and I read the email – obviously I’m late. I do it every morning and promptly every morning my email is full of newsletter and announcements of all kinds. I delete those which I’m not interested in and I focus just on one: Cool Cousin.

Cool cousin is a city guide by trusted locals. This idea was created by Callum, Itamar and Rotem. It is the easiest and funniest way to find unique places in cities around the world. It gives the possibility to travellers to connect with locals who share their interests and get a map of their favorite city spots.

From the very beginning, I fancy the idea. I love to travel and to discover unique and particular spots. I’m literally obsessed with this. Every time, before going on a new trip, my notes fill up with restaurants discovered on the Internet, places recommended by friends of mine or spots discovered on guides purchased around. I pick a slot to have a quickly video chat with Callum and during the conversation he explains to me the company’s values and objectives and the reason why he wants me in his group. I accept and here I am.

Milan is the one of the most dynamic and innovative city. Today, the fashion capital is well-known thanks to its metropolitan area, its good food and an abundance of artistic treasures, but there are also a lot of hidden spots to discover. From now, you’ll find some of my favorites on their website. I hope you like my personal city guide!

Courtesy of: @giulopalettaphotography


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