20 Jun 2017 | Thoughts

I’ve spent so many months asking myself which was the best way to show more than just a beautiful picture or a particular caption or effect. I wanted to give the possibility to everyone that follows me – and every day spends a lot of time on these kind of new communication tools – to go beyond the appearances, the perfection or a simple performance… it wasn’t and it won’t be easy… this means that I’m sticking my neck out here; I’m showing off all my cards and I’m taking off all the filters, but how can we communicate true messages if we are always frightened of being wrong? So this fear, today, inspired me to open this virtual window that I’m going to update week by week in order to write about all my thoughts, my habits, the stuff that moves me and touches me, my passion for music, fashion and art in general and what keeps me up at night to write my songs. This same fear that every day pushes me to go beyond my limits, because there is nothing better than feeling vulnerable, real and alive. The adrenaline that lets me go out on stage even if I’m not sure to hit that note or to remember that part of the song, and that makes me study the same song for days, weeks and months, even if it’s been part of my repertory since 2007. That thing in my head that at all times, during the soundcheck, reminds me that next day I’ll have an exam at 11:00, that I have to remember my student ID, that I have to complete a part of the sales campaign at 18:00 and that obviously I can’t be late, but I need to focus, because otherwise I’ll lose the rhythm and miss cues. It’s some kind of personal diary… a virtual diary… of a messed up life, but a life full of passions, travel and all the stuff that inspires me to be better and helps me to find myself. If you wish, you’re welcome to join me in this part of my travel.




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