27 Jun 2017 | Works

Do you know the kind of calls that make you smile?

I’m playing some new songs on the piano, because as usual, it keeps me calm after lunch.This time I’m interrupted again, but not by my parents or my sister asking where the car keys are, but simply by a pleasant call.

How many times have we heard the phone ringing and we pretend not to hear it or puff because we don’t want to answer or just the blare makes us nervous? Sounds familiar? Good, but not today. Despite seeing an unknown caller on my phone screen, I picked up the call.

“ Good morning Martina. I’m Franklin Santana from Dixieland Radio. I saw one of your videos on the Internet and I want you in my transmission next Tuesday. We’ll speak about your projects and we’ll do a live musicshow.”

Obviously,with no hesitation I said yes and on the 30th of May, our collaboration began.

The transmission was organized on the basis of two live songs and an interview of ten minutes. All the questions were made on the day itself and embarrassingly I must confess, some I didn’t have the answers for. Hence, as I was so nervous I felt as though I couldn’t answer anything or even utter any words I had prepared before hand. It was as though I was clueless.

Anyhow, the program began and surprisingly we felt comfortable from the very first minute. An hour of laughter including good music.

I grew up convincing myself that it’s always necessary in life to find the right balance between being serious, having fun and positivity. It has been a pleasure to discover that my way of thinking was perfectly aligned with Franklin’s and Milani’s. Dixieland Radio is a radio founded with the unique objective to entertain, alleviating minds without speaking of political news or reports in the media. It was just lovely to meet these two people and to be a speaker for a day.

On my way out from the studio, I packed my guitar and my other stuff back into the truck. As I left, my mobile phone starts to ring again…

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