09 Aug 2017 | Music

An event full of passion, created by the union of different talent: young athletes, artists, technical advisers and creative people that work with determination and commitment for many months in order to achieve this objective. I have to say thank you to all the people that came there and gave us the opportunity to share these emotions, but today we’ll go behind the scenes. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand all the stuff that this kind of show can hide. The choice of songs, the selection of choreography, the costumes, the creation of scenery, the lights, the organization of tickets and the marketing… a big machine that minute by minute has to move all together without mistakes. Not a day of delay is permitted and rehearsals are planned weeks before.

Dedication? We have to think that gymnasts train nine hours out of twenty-four, six days out of seven; songs are tried more than fifty times and before general rehearsals there are the ones with the band and with the technicians. All just for a two hour show! Although all the team have spent nearly twenty-four hours a day in the gym prior the show, when lights are switched off, the Italian national anthem starts up, and the crowd screams, then the adrenaline kicks in and all tiredness vanishes.

During the days of preparation, we share everything, and that’s how a beautiful and real union between everyone is created. We speak about new projects and the future; we help each other and so new ideas and collaboration are born. Rivalries are forgotten as we work together for the common good.

Besides, what’s stronger than that? That moment when everything comes on the scene: the music, the audience and you are very high on adrenaline… a cycle is about to end, but the fact that you are creating it all together gives you incredible strength. These kind of events give you the energy to start again with new ideas and inspirations, and help you to learn and grow. I’m really grateful and proud to be part of this team!!


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