30 Jun 2017 | Thoughts

It’s 1.00am, and I find it hard to sleep. So what do I do? I write my next song. Somehow that’s when all the creative ideas start popping up on my mind. So I took a piece of paper and a pen and I start writing. I do it for myself, before to do it for the others; I really need it.

There were countless papers that I kept throwing into the trashcan because the lyrics just felt like it was not right at all. Sometimes it’s not easy to encrypt and produce the right words to the lyrics. My desire to communicate and connect with others including myself, kept me going throughout the night, searching for something more.

Don’t know why, but a characteristic of my character makes me address challenges in a different but definitely, a positive way. To share a smile with someone that you meet can mean a lot. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have a lot on my mind or that I’m constantly happy, rather I see it as a way of facing life despite its difficulties.

New opportunities never come alone. We should grow our passions day by day, set up our projects and never close any opportunities that we come across. We have to always remember this: “when a door closes, a window opens somewhere”. We should also understand that behind every great achievement, there are great sacrifices that have to be made.

In my opinion (unfortunately), rarely works as the horoscope. “That day you will fall in love; you will have a better job and you will be a millionaire”. How many times we read it in a journal or we heard it on the radio? Probably, the job won’t come buzz in or a new love won’t come outside of my door with a bouquet of roses (obviously red) and a box of chocolates.

We all wish life was more like a fairy tale, but no fairy tale had its happy ending without some downfalls and someone that at 1:00am couldn’t fall asleep and so woke up to write them.

So, the topic for my new song is “Make it happen”. Now, I just need to clear my head with some instrumental or classical music like Debussy, and allow the words to speak for themselves.


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